Life is a Contact Sport.

I will teach you how to win.

Get fit and achieve your ideal figure with our unique progress process.

Create micro-achievable goals that help you stay on track daily.

Start visualizing your goals coming to life as you start gaining momentum.

"I Gained 3 lbs of muscle. Improved my 100 burpee time by 1:26. Increased my meals from 2-3 per day, to 6 per day. Increased my water intake. Decreased coffee intake by 5-6 cups per. week. Jammed an entire game, without hitting my “wall.” Regularly made use of my online calendar to organize my time. Became comfortable with spending time with myself. Kept my time with my daughter as distraction-free as possible. Broke the habit of buying lunches at work, and took snacks with me as well.

The most amazing thing I’m walking away with is: a feeling of ownership over my time, and an astounding amount of control over my body’s movements. Both of these are things I’ve not really experienced in the past, I can’t wait to push it further!" ​-

-Rachel California

"I love these programs! I didn't workout for a few months and lost all muscle and endurance. I gained both back in the shortest time I've ever experienced!"

-Sonnie Utah

"I've lost about 10 pounds since Krissy started coaching me. I'm very satisfied."

-Laura, Alaska